Keep Safe In A Storm

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.


Keep Safe In A Storm

The best scaffolding companies Leeds has to offer know a lot about health and safety on building sites.

It is an important part of the way we all work, and means we show we value our employees and customers.

One area that many people have voiced some confusion over, is how best to keep safe in a storm when you are working outside? Are you at any particularly great risk of lightning strike when on scaffolding?

As the UK experiences some storms to take the edge of the recent heat wave, we encourage you to find out more about working safely outside in a storm. And when to stop working.

Can scaffolding attract lightning?

Indeed it can, particularly tall scaffolding. You can add lightning protection to scaffolding, but it is best to avoid being on it when a storm is predicted.

What are the other risks?

Working at heights is always dangerous in windy weather as you can be blown off the scaffolding, or you can be hit by objects that are picked up by the wind. It is also more dangerous to work on wet and slippery scaffolding.


What should be done if a storm approaches?

Most people are struck by lightning before an after a storm, as they think they are safe. Make sure you evacuate the scaffolding if you are aware a storm is predicted, and be prepared to close down the site if necessary.

You can take shelter in the following places:

*   substantial buildings

*   low ground — seek cover in clumps of bushes

*  fully enclosed metal vehicles with the windows rolled up

*  trees of uniform height

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