Leeds Station Remodel Takes A Step Closer

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Leeds Station Remodel Takes A Step Closer

New images of the proposed changes to Leeds Station have now been released as part of new report The Leeds Integrated Station Masterplan, showing how the site will be transformed into a gateway hub integrating regional, national and local transport services with both Northern Powerhouse Rail and HS2.

The station – the busiest hub for transport in the north of England – will soon feature new entrances, platforms, public spaces, footbridges and a new roof, as well as external landscaping and the creation of a campus outside for leisure, residential and commercial developments.

The road network in the city centre is also going to be remodelled with adjoining streets and ones beneath the station pedestrianised. The entire project is part of the city region’s HS2 Growth Strategy, showing how benefits can be reaped through improved rail capacity, connectivity and journey times. The Leeds City Region is also intending to use the HS2 connectivity to help drive education, job creation and tackle poverty in more deprived areas.

For example, HS2 will help with the regeneration of the South Bank, generating 35,000 jobs and creating 8,000 new homes at least, as well as a new park, a revitalised waterfront along the River Aire and a new learning hub for the city.

“These new images show what this northern gateway hub could look like and embody the City Region’s aspirations, that high-speed rail will transform our productivity and connectivity. Through this hub and the investment into improved transport links between our towns and cities and other parts of the UK; such as Northern Powerhouse Rail connecting Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and York.

“We will ensure that our talent can access the careers and opportunities of tomorrow, producing a tangible economic benefit which can lead to inclusive growth for all the people who live and work here,” chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority councillor Susan Hinchcliffe said.

The University of Leeds is also about to invest £10 million in the first dedicated centre for high speed rail technologies and system integration in the UK. This will provide the country with an unparalleled centre of excellence for design, planning, construction and manufacturing of high speed rail, including a vehicle system test facility.

The aim is for the Institute of High Speed Rail and System, as it has been dubbed, to optimise the efficiency, safety and performance of high speed rail, covering everything from foundations and track to braking, sensor technology and digital systems.

Ms Hinchcliffe made further comments, saying that the impact HS2 will have on Leeds will be transformational – and that the region isn’t simply stopping at the benefits this kind of transport will bring but also concentrating on other opportunities that will be presented as a result, including in the areas of investment and skills.

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