Harrogate Development ‘To Deliver Over £450m To Local Economy’

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Harrogate Development ‘To Deliver Over £450m To Local Economy’

Plans for a new sustainable village to be constructed on a disused golf course in Harrogate will bring in more than £450 million for the local economy, a new report has suggested.

Bdaily highlighted the report, which was produced by real estate advisor GVA, noting that there would be significant economic benefits to the region if the sustainable village known as Flaxby Park is given planning permission.

Among the main ways in which the development of 2,750 new homes, as well as its proposed range of amenities and facilities, would boost the local economy are through boosting footfall for businesses in nearby Knaresborough and St James Retail Park, as well as strengthening the case for the Flaxby Green Park eco-friendly business park.

This latter project was granted planning permission earlier this year, but it would be strengthened with the creation of so many new homes in walking distance should Flaxby Park get the go-ahead.

Speaking to the news provider, Chris Musgrave, of Flaxby Park Ltd, commented: “As well as creating a standout development to live in, that maximises its parkland setting, a key feature of Flaxby Park has always been the vast economic benefits it will create.”

Once Flaxby Green Park is up and running it is expected to provide 2,840 new jobs. In addition, there are plans to reopen the former Goldsborough Railway Station, which would provide easy and direct rail links to Leeds and York from this area.

If the residential project is also approved, there is likely to be great demand for scaffolding contractors in Leeds to work on the sites.

Last month, Flaxby Park Ltd announced that it had submitted its planning application to Harrogate Borough Council after spending more than year consulting with the local authority. Now that a formal planning application has been delivered, residents and other local organisations will have their opportunity to comment on the proposals.

In addition to the new homes, there will also be a retirement village on site, a new village centre with two primary schools and sports facilities, a GP surgery and plenty of open space.

Local architects Wildblood Macdonald have drawn up the plans for the residential development, which Mr Musgrave described as being “the right development in the right place”.

Michael Wildblood MBE explained that his firm has been designing developments in the Harrogate area for over 40 years, and brought all this experience to bear when coming up with the plans for Flaxby Park.

He added that his team have worked closely with their client, the whole design team and others who were consulted to “produce what could become an absolutely delightful place to live and work”.

Harrogate Borough Council is currently in the process of creating its Local Plan, with the formal public consultation of the plan expected to begin in January 2018. It is due to be submitted to the secretary of state in summer next year.

This new plan will look ahead to 2035, covering everything from housing and jobs development, to the steps being taken to mitigate climate change in the area, and conservation and enhancement efforts in the local environment.