What Does HS2 Mean For Sheffield?

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What Does HS2 Mean For Sheffield?

There’s no doubt that the HS2 rail line brings a host of opportunities for the cities it’s due to link to, but now the director of city growth at Sheffield City Council Edward Highfield has been talking about what it means for Sheffield in particular.

In an interview with Built Environment Networking, he explained that the construction of the new HS2 hub in the city centre is acting as something of a catalyst for a range of redevelopment projects.

The station redevelopment is just part of this, Mr Highfield revealed. Alongside it will be the creation of a new commercial district, and the station plans will also tie in with the redevelopment being proposed for Sheffield Hallam University’s campus.

He also predicted that demand for high-quality workspaces and other units in the city centre will only grow in the coming years as HS2 becomes a reality.

“The station itself and surrounding master plan provides opportunities for new regeneration and commercial activity,” Mr Highfield stated.

That means there’s likely to be considerably more work for scaffolders in Sheffield as these projects get underway.

However, Mr Highfield did state that HS2 “is not a silver bullet” in terms of benefiting not only Sheffield, but other communities in the region. He noted that it needs to be properly integrated into national and local plans in order to bring the greatest benefits.

There is still a way to go until the section of HS2

that will reach Sheffield will even get under construction though. Phase 1, which will link London to Birmingham, isn’t due to begin construction until next year, with the first passengers to be welcomed in 2026.

The Sheffield line is part of Phase 2b, with construction expected to begin on this section in 2022/23.