5 Sheffield Construction Projects On The Horizon

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E. info@burflex.co.uk

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E. info@burflex.co.uk

5 Sheffield Construction Projects On The Horizon

5 Sheffield Construction Projects On The Horizon

There’s always something going on in Sheffield when it comes to construction! Trust us, as scaffolders in Sheffield we’re always very busy indeed. But what can we expect to come for the city over the next few weeks and months? Here are just a few projects that are set to make an appearance sooner rather than later.

247-home residential and student development

According to Construction News, plans have now been approved to build these properties, being put together by Mace’s development arm. Chief operating officer for development David Grover said how pleased he is that the council has recognised how much potential this scheme has and how important it is to create high-quality homes, as well as modern student accommodation for the city centre.

Community basketball arena

Sheffield Sharks have written to the local council saying that it will indeed be possible to have the new community basketball arena built by September next year, the Star reports. Managing director of the team Sarah Backovic said: “The arena would be a community facility for the community, who can use it at an affordable rate for secondary sports such as basketball. The arena will really be a community facility and that’s why we want to make it happen.”

New hotel at Sheffield Velocity Tower

This seven-storey scheme will see a 126-bed Ibis Budget hotel delivered, along with ancillary accommodation and a restaurant at ground level floor, the Construction Enquirer reports. The site will form part of the larger Velocity Tower development, a completed 22-storey landmark residential apartment building.

32-storey city centre mixed-use development

Turner Investments has lodged plans for a 32-storey mixed-used development in the city centre, which would be one of the tallest buildings in the metropolis. An outline planning application has been submitted to the city council for the redevelopment of Midcity House, Insider Media reports.

It would be comprised of three structures: a new building fronting Pinstone street, the 32-storey tower and a second one of up to 13 storeys on Union Street. Private rented sector flats would cover the upper floors, while the final mix would be worked out subject to an agreement with the operator in question.

A statement read: “The proposed development will regenerate a significant site within the city centre. The proposals will boost the supply of housing within the city and provide a mix of uses that will contribute to the future development aspirations for the area.”

Netherthorpe development

A new complex of flats is set to built at Netherthorpe, the Star reports, on land bordered by Upper Allen Street, Well Meadow Drive, Netherthorpe Road and Daisy Walk – despite a few objections from local heritage groups.

The site itself is predominantly vacant cleared land, but there are some buildings on there that date back to the early 19th century and Historic England has voiced concerns that the scale of the project and massing of the building was a “departure” from the historic character of the area.