Govt Announces £38m Fund For Construction Courses

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Govt Announces £38m Fund For Construction Courses

Govt Announces £38m Fund For Construction Courses

Young people interested in a career in building will be able to learn valuable skills while at college, as the government has just launched new T Level courses in construction and building engineering.

Earlier this week, it was announced the first educational establishments that will provide T Levels will soon receive £38 million from the government, which will go towards upgrading equipment, building classrooms, and refurbishing buildings.

More than 50 further education providers will offer these T Level courses – which include Healthcare Science; Health; Science; Onsite Construction; Building Services Engineering; Digital Support and Services; and Digital Business Services – from September 2020, allowing young people the opportunity to learn technical skills not offered as part of traditional A Levels.

Apprenticeships and skills minister Anne Milton said: “T Levels are a once in a generation opportunity to transform technical education in this country. They will give young people the opportunity to gain the skills they need to get a great job, go on to do a higher level apprenticeship or further study.”

She went on to say it is “vital” youngsters who embark on these courses have the best equipment and facilities, which is why the T Level Capital Fund – announced in the government’s 2018 Budget – will provide significant finance to education establishments around the UK.

In addition to this, £20 million is also being invested by the government to prepare for the launch of T Levels. This is being split into a Taking Teaching Further programme at a cost of £5 million, which will attract industry experts into the field, while £8 million will be spent to help staff and teachers prepare for the new qualifications.

Once the courses have been rolled out, a further half a billion pounds will be invested per annum to support the programmes, allowing T Levels to continue benefitting young people year on year.

The government is also hoping to support the construction industry in Britain by providing £18 million in finance for research and development of digital technology, which will be used to support development of the building sector.

The Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund will split £5 million across four projects that are aimed at boosting quality and assembly, from using 3D-printed concrete components and organising teams of robots, reported.

In addition to this, £13.3 million will be put towards 24 initiatives that will aid the design of buildings through simulation, powering buildings by generating their own electricity, and constructing buildings through off-site manufacturing.

The government pledged £4.7 billion in total over four years for the Industrial Strategy Challenge, which was aimed at increasing productivity in the UK and boosting the country’s position in the science and business world. It intends to do this by investing in research and innovative businesses, so that it can address the industrial and society challenges that are occurring today.

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