Hull’s Flood Alleviation Scheme Officially Launched

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Hull’s Flood Alleviation Scheme Officially Launched

Hull’s Flood Alleviation Scheme Officially Launched

Work has officially begun on a £42 million investment in Hull that will see the city’s flood defences raised along over four miles of the Humber foreshore, running from Victoria Dock Village to St Andrew’s Quay.

The Environment Agency is running the project, led by environment minister Dr Therese Coffey, with the aim being to protect 113,000 properties from tidal flooding. The scheme itself was approved by the city’s planning chiefs on December 5th 2018, the fifth anniversary of the flood that devastated the area.

The investment is linked to an additional £16 million investment in tidal flood defences either side of the city at Paull and Hessle, delivered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The Humber Hull Frontage and work being carried out by the East Riding local authority form part of a series of tidal flood projects included in the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy.

The design of the flood defences in Hull will see some areas of glass panels used so that the view of the waterfront can be maintained, with some recessed sections created so that artworks can be displayed.

Deputy leader of Hull City Council Daren Hale said: “We were delighted to be able to welcome the Minister to Hull so that we could show her the physical change in flood infrastructure that the city has developed over the past few years, whilst highlighting how crucial it is to invest in flood defences for Hull and the surrounding area.

“Our dedicated flood risk team has been absolutely instrumental in understanding the risks posed to Hull, and has worked closely with the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and the East Riding of Yorkshire in a combined effort to try and address the real threat of flooding, as proactively as possible.”

The tidal flood of 2013

The tidal surge that took place on December 5th 2013 was at a level not seen for at least 60 years. The highest ever tide was recorded at the Hull Barrier, which provides a one in 200 year standard of protection.

High spring tides coincided with the flood, which saw record water levels along local coasts and tidal rivers. In all, over 400 properties in the East Riding and in Hull were flooded, while the south bank of the Humber also saw significant flooding.

The city’s flood defences succeeded in protecting 19,000 properties from significant flooding, but the tidal surge barrier was within 40cm of being overwhelmed by the amount of water, as were defences in St Andrews Quay and Victoria Dock Village.

Both residents and businesses are now actively encouraged to understand the flood risks they face and have plans in place to steer their responses if something happens. This includes placement of sandbags, installing floodgates, moving valuable items to safe places, installing air bricks and so on to help reduce the consequences of flooding where property is concerned.

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