Huge Waterfront Scheme Proposed For Hull

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Huge Waterfront Scheme Proposed For Hull

Huge Waterfront Scheme Proposed For Hull

There could be big changes coming to Hull’s waterfront area if new proposals for the construction of a large expansion to the city’s eastern docks get the go ahead.

The Hull Daily Mail shared details of the proposed scheme, which it is estimated will cost £1.5 billion to complete if it is approved. It will involve building a new six-mile road on the Humber Estuary, which will provide additional flood defences to the city and create a new, non-tidal lagoon.

One of the major benefits of the scheme is that it would direct port traffic away from the city centre along the new road. It will also create a new outer harbour in front of Hull’s eastern docks, allowing the port to expand further.

It would also provide enhanced flood defences to the city’s waterfront, in part by making the River Hull a non-tidal waterway.

According to the news provider, supporters of the scheme believe it could result in a significant boost to the region’s economy, adding up to £1 billion per year due to improved productivity. It would also create hundreds of new jobs in the city, as well as help it to tackle climate change and emissions at one of the country’s busiest ports.

The project is far from a certainty though. Detailed technical consents will be required before any work can take place, and it still needs to secure funding.

The newspaper revealed that those supporting Lagoon Hull plan to lobby the government for financial support, arguing that it should be considered on the same scale as HS2 or London’s Crossrail project.

Even without government funding though, the team are hoping to secure private investment to help move the project forward.

Hull businessman Tim Rix had the initial idea for Lagoon Hull and has spent three years working with a private sector team to fine tune his idea and create a viable proposal.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Rix described it as “an incredibly ambitious project but one with so many potential benefits”.

He added: “It addresses the key challenges of today and unlocks our region’s potential for future economic growth and creates a city and region where not only will young people want to stay and build their lives but that attracts new and talented people to live and work.”

Another benefit of the Lagoon Hull project is that it would free up land on the city’s western docks that could be used to develop new residential, leisure and commercial properties. Albert Dock and St Andrew’s Dock were cited as areas that could benefit from regeneration.

This is far from the only ambitious commercial construction project being proposed in Hull at present. Last month, the newspaper reported that a Hull council boss was backing a proposal for the construction of a £200 million Yorkshire Energy Park.

If the scheme is approved, it will deliver a new power plant, data centre and battery storage complex, as well as education and training facilities and units for firms working in hi-tech sectors.

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