New Housing Development In Scarborough Approved

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

New Housing Development In Scarborough Approved

New Housing Development In Scarborough Approved

Scarborough could see 139 new houses being built over the next few months, after an application for a housing development was given the go ahead.

Earlier this year, the Grimsby Institute Group submitted an application to Scarborough Borough Council to build the properties on the former Yorkshire Coast College site on Lady Edith’s Drive, reported The Scarborough News.

The area has been almost empty since Scarborough TEC, as the college is now known, relocated to Filey Road in 2017, which used to be the old University of Hull campus.

Last week (December 5th), the local authority gave the go-ahead for the plan, offering outline planning permission for the building work.

Therefore, Hodson Architects, which is behind the development, will have to send in a further application that gives information about the homes they plan to build. It is thought they intend to construct 29 detached residences, 54 semi-detached properties, and 56 townhouses.

While Scarborough Council gave outline permission, there have been some objections to the application, as well as criticisms of the proposed development.

Save Scarborough District Hospital stated flats that house doctors or nurses could be built on the land instead. Alternatively, it could be used to expand the hospital and improve support for patients in the area.

However, the agent acting for the Grimsby Institute Andy Rollinson told the press that the site had already been offered to the NHS in the past, but “they said they were not interested”.

Another objector was Sport England, which said the development would result in a loss of playing fields. As a result of this, the Secretary of State will need to provide final permission for the scheme.

However, Mr Rollinson added that proceeds from the sale of the land for housing would be put back into the Filey Road site, which could give more reason to approve the site.

Councillor Phil Trumper from the Conservative Party welcomed the plan to build houses on the site, saying the current building is an “eyesore”.

Speaking with the news provider, he said: “We need more housing in the borough and we need to start building them now.”

As the proposal involves demolishing an existing building, which includes a five-storey block and some two-storey college buildings, the developer is exempt from having to provide affordable homes. This is part of a national policy called the Vacant Building Credit.

Therefore, the lack of provision for affordable homes has also led to some criticism.

Labour’s councillor Theresa Norton said developers should still include some affordable houses as a goodwill gesture.

It is not just Scarborough that could see hundreds more houses being built, as Miller Homes has unveiled its plans for a development on the western edge of York that will include 266 houses.

York Mix reported the site would be on the old Civil Service Sports Ground between Millfield Lane and Boroughbridge Road.

If this and Grimsby Institution Group’s developments are fully approved, there could be a strong demand for scaffolding companies in York and other areas of Yorkshire to help with the construction of the properties.