Leeds ‘Leading The Way’ In House Building

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Leeds ‘Leading The Way’ In House Building

The government recently highlighted how Leeds is set to help ‘get Britain building’ over the coming months and years with the opening of a new modular homes factory in the city.

Esther McVey, housing minister, recently visited the factory, which is not yet operational, to promote both it and Leeds as a hub for house building in the UK. Once it’s up and running, the factory will provide 400 jobs and be capable of producing 3,500 homes a year.

The Legal & General Modular Factory in Leeds will be the largest of its kind in Europe and will enable property developers to deliver modern, quality and environmentally friendly homes using modern methods of construction.

According to the government, homes constructed in this way can be erected in days rather than months, reduce heating bills for residents by up to 70 per cent and have up to 80 per cent fewer defects than properties built using traditional methods.

“I want the UK to become the world leader in modular homes within the next ten years, with safety, quality and choice at its heart,” Ms McVey asserted during her factory visit.

Last year, Ms McVey announced that the government wants to “create a centre of excellence in the North for modern methods of construction”. It’s hoped that by doing so it will speed up house building in the UK and help the government hit its target of delivering 300,000 new homes a year by the mid-2020s.

One of the major selling points of homes constructed using this approach is their low carbon footprint. As well as being more energy efficient once they’re constructed, there is also less waste during the construction process itself due to the use of precision manufacturing techniques.

The government also wants many of the new homes created at this factory to be constructed in the local area, giving the North of the country a further house building boost.

Of course, residential construction isn’t the only kind of work happening in and around Leeds. Insider Media recently reported that Caddick Construction has been named as the firm that will build the next phase of the Cross Green Industrial Estate in Leeds, which is also known as Towngate Link.

This latest phase of development will cover 16,500 sq ft of space and deliver a detached, double portal frame building, along with the associated infrastructure.

The company successfully completed the first phase of development on the industrial estate which is why Towngate plc, which has a portfolio of more than 230,000 sq ft at the site, decided to use them again.

Robert Smith, from Towngate, told the news provider that they are “confident the same high-quality product will be delivered with this latest phase”.

He added: “The units at Towngate Link all let before completion and we’ve already had a lot of market interest in this latest phase.”

It’s therefore likely that there will be yet more construction activity taking place here as the year progresses.

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