School Rebuilding Programme Announced For England

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

School Rebuilding Programme Announced For England

School Rebuilding Programme Announced For England

A ten-year rebuilding programme for schools in England has been announced by the government, with schools set to benefit from substantial investment and funding to be provided in 2020 to refurbish buildings and continue raising standards around the country.

This programme is set to start in 2020-21, with more than £1 billion in funding provided for the first 50 projects. These rebuilding projects will be greener so as to help the government to achieve its net zero ambitions, with the focus on modern methods of construction and the creation of highly skilled jobs to give the construction sector a boost.

The first 50 projects will be confirmed later on in the year, with construction set to begin from september 2021. This year will see £650 million and £200 million for repairs and upgrades to schools and further education colleges respectively.

Boris Johnson said: “As we bounce back from the pandemic, it’s important we lay the foundations for a country where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, with our younger generations front and centre of this mission.

“This major new investment will make sure our schools and colleges are fit for the future, with better facilities and brand new buildings so that every child gets a world-class education.”

Further details regarding the ten-year scheme will be revealed at the next Spending Review, with investment to be targeted at school buildings in the worst condition, with substantial investment seen in the north and the Midlands.

Mr Johnson has also unveiled a new taskforce that will now be in charge with driving forward the modernisation of road and rail infrastructure, as well as schools and hospitals.

Chaired by chancellor Rishi Sunak, this programme will rely on the infrastructure election pledge to invest £250 billion and ensure that projects are finished ahead of time by removing bottlenecks, according to Construction Enquirer.

This will include 40 upgraded and new hospitals, pushing forward with fast delivery of the £25 billion roads programme and four new prisons, costing £2.4 billion. In addition, Northern Power Rail will see £40 billion of spending.

The Infrastructure Delivery Taskforce will be looking at building programmes across every town and city in England to make sure that communities everywhere can benefit from the investment, which should help level up the country.

This comes as the Confederation of British Industry calls for the fast tracking of green investment, in order to help achieve the net zero emissions goal for the UK. Doing so would help create sustainable jobs at the same time and, as such, should be at the very heart of government plans for the recovery post-pandemic.

Schools that will remain shut until the autumn because of the coronavirus crisis could be made more energy efficient, the CBI continued, since the empty buildings means there is now a golden opportunity to carry out what would be disruptive work.

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