High Demand For Construction Degree Programme

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Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E. info@burflex.co.uk

High Demand For Construction Degree Programme

High Demand For Construction Degree Programme

Housebuilder Redrow has revealed that over 800 people applied to join its Sponsored Construction Management Degree Programme, formerly known as Redrow’s Housebuilding degree, over the summer. Previously, the degree programme was available only to Redrow employees.

Leader Live reports that the degree programme was originally launched in 2017 in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and Coleg Cambria, which over three years teaches participants the skills necessary to become a housebuilder.

The programme is the first dedicated degree of its kind, with students splitting their time between studying and working in one of Redrow’s divisions across England and Wales.

The degree programme had only been available to current employees of Redrow with a level three qualification, or a minimum of five years working in the industry, who would study towards a BSc (Hons) Construction Management in Housebuilding.

However, Redrow has opened up the programme to school leavers with three A-Level pass grades or a BTEC Level 3, which will provide them with a first-level entry opportunity to join the construction industry.

The programme attracted more than 800 external applications this year, with 17 successful candidates joining Redrow’s South Midlands, South East, North West, Lancashire, Southern Counties and Yorkshire divisions as undergraduates this week. The degree learning will commence in January 2021 at Coleg Cambria.

Anna Milne and Kate Hopkins, heads of talent at Redrow, said they were ‘blown away’ by the sheer amount of high-quality applications for the degree programme, showing that students are wanting a higher education route that also provides them with an exciting career and an income at the same time.

“Our degree is fully funded by Redrow and allows students to study for a BSc (Hons) Construction Management in Housebuilding and learn on the job whilst getting paid,” they commented.

They added that the first cohort of students would be completing the course at the end of this year.

“They have learned so much that has been invaluable to their careers and have also made life-long friends – we’re now excited to welcome our new students to Redrow and wish them the best of the luck.”

The course, which is fully funded by Redrow, provides a detailed study of housebuilding skills, including assessing quality, project management, health and safety, business skills and negotiation, right through to relevant aspects of law, mathematics and economics.

There are six block weeks of learning every year that are taught in partnership between LJMU’s Department of the Built Environment, Coleg Cambria and Redrow business experts. The rest of the contact time is satisfied through practical site visits and tutorials with support from Redrow’s divisional Managing Directors and their teams.

The students are assessed in a variety of ways including presentations, group projects, examinations, coursework and a final year dissertation project. For the rest of their time on the course, students will partake in rotational placements in each of Redrow’s departments from technical through to land.

There are currently three cohorts studying towards this degree qualification, with the first cohort of undergraduates due to graduate at the end of 2020.

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