Spot The Robot Dog To Monitor Construction Sites

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Burflex House, Clay Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8HA E.

Spot The Robot Dog To Monitor Construction Sites

Spot The Robot Dog To Monitor Construction Sites

Construction project managers could soon be offered a greater level of support in the near future, thanks to Spot the robot dog, which has capabilities to navigate uneven and unsafe environments, with the aim being to provide an even clearer picture of ongoing progress on construction sites.

According to Business Cloud, Boston Dynamics – the team behind the robotics project – has now entered into a partnership with tech-led construction company Trimble to bring the technology to UK shores and it’s expected to be available by the second quarter of next year, as well as other locations around the world.

Spot’s autonomous mobility will be combined with field control software and data collection sensors to enable the automation of tasks such as progress monitoring, surveying and site scans.

General manager of building field solutions with Trimble Martin Holmgren explained that robots have an essential role to play in automated construction workflows, augmenting the work being done by people by handling the dangerous, dull or dirty work.

In the US, Mortenson – a builder, developer and engineering services provider – is already using the robot on its sites so it can document site conditions.

Mr Holmgren explained that working with early adopters such as Mortensen gives Trimble an insight into the potential represented by integrated solutions that can bring robots together with construction-specific workflows and sensors.

Vice-president of business development at Boston Dynamics Michael Perry made further comments, saying: “The integrated solution will enable any jobsite leader to deploy Spot and Trimble technologies to get an accurate view of construction progress through real-time data collection.

“With a more comprehensive view of site activity, project managers can take proactive measures to ensure on time, on budget and safer project delivery.”

Robotics appear to be becoming more commonplace on construction sites around the country, with the BBC reporting last month (October) that an entire house is being built by a robot instead of bricklayers and labourers.

Construction Automation, based in Pocklington in East Yorkshire, spent four years developing the Automatic Brick Laying Robot, with the machine now laying all the bricks, blocks and mortar on the new property… a real world-first.

Co-founder of Construction Automation David Longbottom said at the time that the house will be made up of approximately 10,000 bricks and will take the robot around two weeks to build.

The robot also comes with a sophisticated control system that can translate digital versions of architectural plans into instructions, so the robot knows exactly where it has to lay the bricks.

In terms of manual labour, only two people are required to work on the house – one to load bricks and mortar into the robot, and another to install tie bars, lintels, damp courses and so on.

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