Hinkley Point C Expected To Create 1,700 Jobs

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Hinkley Point C Expected To Create 1,700 Jobs

Hinkley Point C Expected To Create 1,700 Jobs

French energy giant EDF has said it expects to create an additional 1,700 jobs over the next year to help work on the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset

BBC News reports that the new roles will be in construction, welding, electrical and equipment installation, plus wider support roles would take the total number of people working on Hinkley Point across the UK to more than 70,000.

A report into the social and economic impact of the new nuclear power plant from EDF has revealed that spending with South West-based businesses on the development has reached £3.2 billion, which is more than twice the original target of £1.5 billion, and that the firm project there will be £18 billion spent on the wider UK supply chain.

The report also said that:

  • Over 750 apprentices have been trained already as the project closes in on a target of 1,000.
  • 14,000 people have now been trained and assessed in facilities funded by Hinkley Point C.
  • Hinkley Point C Jobs Service is working with Somerset colleges and training providers to make the new roles as accessible as possible to local people.
  • The project’s Construction Skills and Innovation Centre and Welding Centre of Excellence are helping local people get the skills needed to join the project.

The nuclear plant, one of the largest building projects in Europe, aims to generate low carbon emission electricity for six million homes over 60 years.

However, in January, EDF announced that the completion of the project had been put back by six months to June 2026, and it would cost an extra £500 million, following disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hinkley Point C’s managing director Stuart Crooks said: “Hinkley Point C plays a vital role in the fight against climate change and this report shows the project is also able to create jobs and opportunity for British people and businesses.

“As we come out of the pandemic, we hope to safely increase the numbers working on the project and create jobs just as they are needed most. Our big investment in local education and training means we are ready to help people find work and start new careers.”

In October, EDF confirmed there had been an outbreak at the site, with 21 staff members testing positive, leading the firm to introduce enhanced measures to stop the spread of the virus, including changing of shift patterns to enable social distancing and the hiring of 80 extra buses to reduce numbers on transport.

Natalie Beacham, project lead for Somerset Chamber of Commerce’s Hinkley Supply Chain Team, added: “To have Hinkley Point C on our doorstep is a huge opportunity and to be able to ensure local businesses can prepare for and win contracts for the project has been hugely rewarding for the Hinkley Supply Chain team.

“Since 2016, the supply chain team has matched thousands of businesses to work opportunities at Hinkley Point C, making a huge contribution towards the incredible £3.2bn the project has already generated for the regional economy. We are looking forward to helping many more businesses benefit in the years to come.”

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