Layher Allround® & Protect Systems

Layher Allround®

In our opinion, Layher Allround is the best system product available. The entire system is made possible thanks to the Allround Connector, designed as a rosette that can safely and securely attach to eight individual connections. This means that the structure is extremely adaptable and can accommodate small and large projects alike, simultaneously offering unparalleled levels of safety and security.

The materials are made from aluminium. Their lightweight yet robust composition aids everything from installation and disassembly, to storage, transportation and general handling. Alternatively, choose a hot-dipped galvanised steel option, which opens up an even wider range of installation opportunities

Layher Protect

The above setup is used in conjunction with Layher Protect. Through a lightweight aluminium frame in-filled with either sheet metal or plastic webbing, we essentially create a skin around the structure. Whilst providing a highly effective system of containing noise and dust, it also has its aesthetic advantages, as the inner workings of the site are concealed by the sleek surface.

The translucent finish of the panels allows light to enter the site but blurs activity to those outside. Put simply, it’s a fully contained environment that can also be fitted with sound absorbent matting. So whilst the absence of dirt and noise spilling onto the street keeps businesses, councils and pedestrians happy, those working on-site are also protected from the elements and external factors. It’s a win-win scenario.

We’re always happy to discuss options to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, so please do Get in Touch for a friendly chat about your project.

The Perfect Combination

Mixing a truly versatile system scaffolding with a network of protective panels is the future of scaffold projects. Burflex Scaffolding is one of only a handful of companies to not only stock and provide this pioneering system, but also have fully trained experts in Layher Protect.

Many of our customers also choose this system as a reflection of their consideration for their city. Whilst scaffolding is essential for construction, refurbishment and demolition projects, it’s rarely a pretty sight. By choosing Layher Allround and Layher Protect, you’re doing your bit to create minimal disruption in terms of visual appearance, sanitation and noise pollution.

So as well as being a sophisticated system that brings immediate results to your project, you may also find that you’re in everyone’s good books, whilst your brand is seen as smart, caring and responsible.

We’ll Make Everything Run Smoothly

Our specialists will ensure that the system is fully installed in a way that perfectly suits its unique surroundings. No metal tubes sticking out or plastic sheets flapping around, nothing snagging or trailing down the side: just a flat, even, inoffensive structure that benefits all parties and enables fluid operation.

We’re always happy to discuss options to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, so please do get in touch for a friendly chat about your project.