Temporary stair access

Enabling easy access

A working site should be as easy to get around as possible. Burflex Scaffolding provides a wide range of accessibility solutions, from access towers to temporary stairs, each designed to make movement, conveyance, logistics and operations run smoothly.

Safety for all

Sometimes on initial inspection, an area may seem to be working just fine. However, if you properly inspect its daily running and gather worker feedback, you might find that there are problems and grievances.

Whether it’s a case of bottlenecking at busy times, lack of manoeuvrability when carrying materials, poor visibility or even risk of accident and injury, it could be that our access equipment will provide a solution to many problems.

We’re always happy to discuss options to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, so please do Get in Touch for a friendly chat about your project.

A tailored approach

Rather than just allocating a customer with any spare access tower or temporary staircase that we have in storage, we instead look into the specifics of your setup. Even subtle details can alter the shape of the perfect solution, so our experts are on hand to look into exactly what will solve your problems.

Enhance your output

When you put something in place that has the purpose of aiding worker accessibility and safety, you start a chain reaction of increased productivity. Whilst temporary stairs will benefit those using them at the time, they will also remove other problems.

For instance, congestion in one area of a site quickly spreads outwards, causing all manner of small yet significant delays. This can lead to frustration and reduced job satisfaction, which in turn result in a detrimental impact on workloads.

When you nip a problem in the bud, you also prevent the domino effect of other problems that it would have set in motion. By designing or developing your project site so that all stumbling blocks are removed, you’ll find that the natural flow of the working day becomes optimal.