‘Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey’ Undergoes £10m Refurbishment

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‘Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey’ Undergoes £10m Refurbishment

‘Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey’ Undergoes £10m Refurbishment

Hull contractor Hobson and Porter has said that good progress is being made on a heritage railway scheme, which is part of a £10 million overhaul of ‘Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey’.

The construction firm is currently working on a stabling facility for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, a heritage railway that traverses the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. According to Business Live, the firm has reached a major milestone with steel erection, allowing the reopening of the line to tourists.

The stabling facility will be a five-track single-storey carriage shed with a cantilevered roof and will be home to up to 40 of the railway’s heritage carriages. The building will allow servicing and cleaning to be completed undercover for the first time.

The construction is being partly funded by a National Lottery Heritage Fund and European Union Rural Development Programme for England.

Patrick Horton, contracts manager for Hobson & Porter, explained that the erection of the steelwork at the Pickering site allows people to truly appreciate the size and scale of the project.

“Following the fantastic news that the railway will soon reopen to passengers at the beginning of August we are delighted to be back working onsite and progressing works, it will be great for passengers to see the work we have completed so far as they pass the site on the trains,” he said.

The project began in January this year, with the construction of an access bridge, which was completed shortly before the coronavirus lockdown. Hobson and Porter shut down operations during April for several weeks to allow the implementation of new safe working practices.

When returning to the site at the end of April, work began on the line-side, which was moved ahead of schedule due to the railways being closed as a visitor attraction. The project is due to be completed in 2021.

In anticipation of the full-service reopening of the railway on 1 August, trains are currently performing trial runs.

Chris Price, NYMR general manager, said: “After a delayed start to 2020, it’s great to be able to see works of this project well underway ahead of our season-opening this Yorkshire Day. It’s a real symbol of progress for us, of moving forwards, and is a really significant step in the development of our highly-anticipated new stabling facility.”

He also said thanks to the residents of Pickering, approximately 17 miles west of Scarborough on the edge of the National Park, for their patience during the works.

There are six other projects for Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey, including:

  • Renewal of old bridges at Goathland Station – with three iron bridges to be replaced
  • Conversion of four carriages to provide easier mobility access, tailored seating, wheelchair facilities and accessible toilets on every train
  • Conservation of the railway lineside through the North Yorks Moors National Park
  • Recruitment to drive awareness of volunteering and a new volunteering centre
  • Improved interpretation and education facilities on the railway
  • Provision of 12 apprenticeships to sustain the heritage railway and its activities

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