Industrial Solutions

Adaptable and responsive

Burflex Scaffolding has vast experience in working on jobs of all shapes and sizes. Whether your industrial scaffolding project is based on either petrochem power, oil or gas plants it requires a major workforce or something more modest yet no less technical, we’re here to offer a tailored approach.

Covering your assets

As experts in industrial scaffolding, we understand the importance of project maintenance and fault isolation to guarantee the preservation of assets throughout the project’s lifespan.

As part of this, Burflex Scaffolding’s specialists work closely with your team to design, test, plan and install systems that prioritise both safety and efficiency. Through bespoke solutions and an agreed strategy, we’ll make sure that milestones are reached on time and budgets are adhered to from commencement to completion.

We’re always happy to discuss options to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, so please do Get in Touch for a friendly chat about your project.

Communication is key

We don’t plan to such an intricate level only to cut the conversation short. By keeping you in the loop, sharing key information, offering insight and advice, and generally maintaining a conduit between customer and supplier, we ensure exceptional results.

If at any point the project changes in any way, we’re here to respond to new information and discuss viable options. With Burflex Scaffolding, you always have an expert on hand.

Accredited and approved

Burflex Scaffolding is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, demonstrating our ability to consistently provide a product that meets customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. We are also a member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation, proving through regular audits that we adhere to their stringent safety and technical standards.

We combine this with regular skills enhancement for our employees. This ensures that they actively respond to industry updates and consumer trends, through regular top-up training and the seeking of additional qualifications.

On the right track

If your industrial development is based on railway land, we allocate staff trained and certified in Personal Track Safety (PTS). This means that everyone working on the project understands the industry and its environment, keeping safe whilst delivering results.

We’re here to talk about your industry

With years of working knowledge and experience in providing industrial scaffolding solutions, we recommend you get in touch to discover how Burflex Scaffolding can deliver on time and on budget.

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