Drone Use ‘On The Rise’ In UK Construction Industry

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Drone Use ‘On The Rise’ In UK Construction Industry

Drone Use ‘On The Rise’ In UK Construction Industry

The way in which work is carried out is constantly evolving these days thanks to all the technology we have at our disposal… and this is certainly true for the construction industry, which is making excellent use of all the tech innovations that have come out in recent years.

The likes of virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning and wearable tech can all be put to great use in this particular sector… but what has really taken off in recent times is the use of drones.

A new survey by ProDroneWorx has just revealed that the number of construction companies across the UK and Ireland using drones at work has risen significantly, with 52 per cent now using these unmanned aerial vehicles, compared to 33 per cent back in 2017.

So what has changed in the last year or so to really capture industry leaders’ interests in this regard? The study found that improved data quality, saving time and risk reduction were the top three reasons for adopting drone technology… but fewer companies are now planning on using this in house than last year, which perhaps reflects the level of expertise and knowledge required to deploy them successfully.

“In a world of very tight margins of about two per cent in construction, and an increasingly competitive landscape, the use of digital/reality capture data gives firms a significant competitive advantage over their peers through improved data quality, reduced costs, increased productivity gains and the mitigation of risk,” managing director of ProDroneWorx Ian Tansey commented.

It was also found, however, that drones aren’t perhaps being put to their best use, with the survey also revealing that while they’re being well used for video and photography, the likes of 3D modelling, 3D point clouds, aerial LiDAR, thermal imaging and digital surface/terrain models aren’t being considered by the majority of study participants.

What can drones be used for in construction?

Building surveys

Do you need to inspect the roof of a building you’re about to start work on? What could be easier than flying your drone up there to have a look on your behalf, instead of using a ladder or a cherry picker to get the job done? This instantly makes it safer for your staff members as well.

Site updates

Construction sites are constantly evolving as working landscapes as more of the job is completed day by day. Drones can help with providing real-time updates of what’s being carried out across the entire site with ease, revealing any potential issues that need to be dealt with immediately.

Thermal imaging

You can use drones to make aerial thermal imaging recordings to identify any hot or cold spots in buildings, which will really help engineers and surveyors sort out any possible building defects.

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